A spotlight on knife crime

July 6, 2017 le247_admin

A spotlight on knife crime

In the last week of April this year there were 6 fatalities due to stabbings in London. Last August the number of stabbings reached a new four year high with 1,749 recorded. This year already 23 people under the age of 25 have been killed by knives. In London between 2014-2016 the number of young people carrying guns grew by 50%. On Tuesday the father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence was named to lead a new group holding the police to account over knife crime and their relationship with London’s communities. This issue is right now all over London. In growing numbers it is an issue being carried in the rucksacks of young people. Maybe especially those who live in vulnerable communities that feel they need to make their own law to protect themselves. These are neighbours that we are called to cross the road towards and today we can do that in prayer.

Let’s pray today that knives are dropped. Fear be finished! Alternatives be found in our estates in Jesus name! #Amen

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