November 8, 2018 le247_admin

We need more time. Gathering postponed.

We need more time.

Gathering this Sat postponed.

But in the meantime, how are you? How is the relationship with your estate?

In April we let you know that the week of prayer for London estates was going to be fallow for 2018. We decided then it would be great to have a date in the Autumn when we could gather people together and discern what God was saying to us about prayer and praying for our estates in joined up ways in 2019.

That was going to be this Saturday but we need more time! We sense there are a few key things that the Lord is stirring and it would be better for us all to gather with more clarity early in 2019. What do you think?

As ever it feels important to say that your voice is important. Maybe you are to be a vision holder and someone who helps fuel a new movement for prayer for London estates….what is the Lord saying to you? We would love to hear what is going on where you are and with you so why not drop us an e-mail to share.

We’ll then send out an e-mail in the new year with news of a date and place to gather, pray and discern for 2019.

Father Almighty, we thank you for sending Jesus to live with us.
Lord, we pray that you would come alongside those who are on estates today.
Fill us all with your Holy Spirit and draw us into your work.
We say NO! to violence and addiction and deteriorating mental health, be gone from our communities and our neighbour-families and friends.
Your Kingdom Come, your will be done on earth as in heaven.