In 2013 a group of us came together to start a week of 24-7 prayer for estates around the clock face of London.

We want everyone to push into the heart of estates and right down to the grassroots in prayer of all shapes, sizes and expressions but this year we especially want people to prayer walk.


You can prayer walk anytime for any estate.

There is a rich history of the church in London praying amongst council estates. From parish churches to church plants, from the work of London City Mission, Eden, XLP and other grassroots organisations there are so many amazing histories and stories to be told. Yet not every estate is served, not every estate in known and we want to join up to pray for both the estates we know and the ones we do not. Could you find an estate you never knew about before and pray for it?


So what is your local estate? Could you prayer walk there and invite other too as well? Could you pray for it each day and do a prayer walk? What’s your borough? Could you set up a prayer room for the estates in the wider area? Could you find an estate you didn’t know about before and let us know so we can build up a map for prayer and mission on all of the council estates in London?

THIS YEAR in 2018 we are letting the week of prayer lay fallow. You can read more about that here and come along to the autumn gathering to help shape 2019!

In the meantime you can sign up here for our e-mails and to keep track of what’s going on check out social media.

We’re really just a bunch of friends united in praying for estates and for the whole of London.  Many individuals and organisations have joined in with us along the way.

24-7 Prayer      London Christian Police Family       New Wine

Premier Radio      Eden London     Livability       XLP

 Church of England    Regenerate     Evangelical Alliance

Neighbourhood Prayer .net    National Day of Prayer

Innerchange      FAST       Hope House

Heart Cry    London Prayer Room   London City Mission

“I just really see the power in prayer. The more we join up and pray, the more our communities get blessed and transformed. More than that, we tap into more of what God’s doing. In our area we’ve seen loads of different Christians come together and connect to pray for our council estates. It’s dead cool.”

Kerry Astin, Founder of FAST and LE247 catalyst.

“This 24/7 prayer week will look to remember the forgotten, cross over to those often passed by, and turn our full attention to those usually ignored. I commend this week to you and hope that you will commit to pray for the estates of London. In doing so we will, of course, discover that the Lord is there before us, calling us to join him.”

Rt. Revd. Adrian Newman, Bishop of Stepney

“What a brilliant idea to gang up together to pray in a focused way for London’s poorest communities; for a reduction in knife crime and fatherlessness and drug dealing and loneliness. This stuff breaks God’s heart and he’s given us the power to change it.”

– Pete Greig, 24-7 prayer